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Prince Albert National Park of Canadageese


Park Fees

Park fees are reinvested in services and facilities visitors enjoy.

Revenue generated from park fees is reinvested in the parks and sites where it is earned and is spent on visitor services and facilities. This means that the revenue stays in PANP. Every time you visit a park or site you are investing in its future-and in a legacy for future generations.

Reinvestment in PANP over recent years includes: boat launches, Beaver Glen
campground improvements, trail improvements and much more.

Services and facilities providing a public good are paid for through
appropriations. Services and facilities providing a personal benefit to visitors are
paid for, at least in part, through user fees.

Visitor fees support a wide variety of programs and services including search and
rescue, information and campground services, maintenance of washrooms, roads
and picnic areas. These increases are critical if Parks Canada is to continue to
offer high quality services and to repair or replace aging visitor facilities.

Parks Canada's user fees are comparable to the fees charged by other
providers of similar services and facilities.

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